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Committed, Concerned Family Law Attorney Serves Military Divorce Clients In Shreveport

If you are a military member in Louisiana whose marriage is ending, your navigation of the often complex legal process can move much more smoothly with the help of a skilled lawyer.

Experienced family law attorney Mark D. Fredrick handles every detail of your military divorce – whether you are stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base or on deployment overseas.

Every legal element of the end of your relationship is personally attended to by Mr. Frederick after speaking with you: child custody and visitation scheduling, child support, property division, and access to military pension benefits – even a grandparent’s right to visit a grandchild in the absence of a deployed service member parent.

Are you already divorced but need a modification of custody or support arrangements due to sudden, substantial changes in circumstance? Are you seeking a post-judgment enforcement of responsibilities outlined in your settlement agreement? The Law Offices of Mark D. Fredrick protects your rights before, during, and after a military divorce. We work hard to transition you to a brighter future for you and your children.

Mark D. Fredrick’s 20+ Years Of Military Divorce Legal Experience, Working For You

Our Shreveport law offices welcome your call or email. Reach us at (318) 868-300 or by email message. We proudly offer a 25% military discount on attorney fees for service persons.