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Experienced Defense Attorney Mark D. Frederick Represents Persons Arrested For Drug Crimes

Being convicted for a serious drug crime can effectively end your life. You could face a sad future of incarceration, substantial fines, a criminal record, and strict probation conditions upon your return to society. If you are to be kept out of jail, your rights should be aggressively protected against drug crime charges like possession, intent to sell, trafficking, drug manufacturing, cultivation, and importation.

Mark D. Frederick protects those rights for his criminal law clients every day. Our law firm’s founder brings 20 years of trial experience to the task of safeguarding your interests.

Prosecutors are cracking down on drug runners, smugglers, and sellers as never before. A third offense can mean life in prison. Mark D. Frederick knows how high the stakes are for you. He responds with an in-depth investigation of your charges, aggressive negotiations with the government, and forceful litigation against it if a trial is necessary.

Was your drug crime arrest the result of an illegal search and seizure, coerced confession, or drugs planted on your person, in your home, or in your motor vehicle? Were you busted for drugs during a drunk driving stop by police? Have authorities forfeited your assets? Did someone with a personal vendetta against you connect you to a controlled substance like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, party drugs, or drug paraphernalia?

The future of your liberties and livelihood could hinge on the verdict at a criminal trial. You should contact Mark D. Frederick immediately if you were arrested for a drug crime.

Arrested For Serious Drug Offenses In Shreveport? Our Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help.

Attorney Mark D. Frederick offers confidential initial consultations arranged at his Shreveport, LA office by calling or by email. He can hear your side of the story, discuss your case and chart a course of action.