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Louisiana DWI/DUI Defense Attorneys Protect The Rights Of People Charged With DWI/DUI

DWI/DUI laws in the state of Louisiana are harsh and often unforgiving. If you are facing a Driving under the Influence charge in Louisiana, immediately contact the DWI/DUI defense lawyers at the Law Office of Mark D. Fredrick, We have the knowledge and years of experience in Louisiana courtrooms that make us immensely effective in assisting Louisiana residents with their DWI/DUI charges. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in Shreveport and across Louisiana, and we will help you, too.

Being convicted of a DWI/DUI can have a significant impact on your life: you can lose your driver’s license your job, spend time in jail, and so on. Having the best possible DWI Defense lawyer on board is crucial in getting the best possible outcome for your case. The Shreveport DUI Attorney Mark D. Frederick has the methods necessary to minimize the negative impact this can have on your life.

Persuasive Representation For Louisiana DWIs/DUIs

It is vital to contact legal counsel as soon as you have been arrested due to the time-sensitive nature of the suspension proceedings. Here are the minimum jail times for a DWI/DUI in Louisiana, determined by whether this is your first, second, or third offense:

  • First offense: two days jail minimum, or 48 hours community service, fine from $300 to $750; probation for up to two years
  • Second offense: 30 days jail minimum, or two days jail plus 30 days of community service; fine from $750 to $1,000; probation for up to two years
  • Third offense: One to five years; FELONY STATUS, $2,000 fine

Having us at your side throughout the process can help you keep your license, or get a conditional permit so that you can get to work.

Fighting For You In Court

A DWI/DUI conviction can be a hassle to deal with; it can lead to heavy fines, time in jail, and the installation of a vehicle interlock ignition device. In Louisiana, prior DWI/DUI convictions stay on your record (and can be counted against you when you are being sentenced for another DUI/DWI offense) for 10 years. By contacting us, we can work to avoid this damaging conviction.

In order to fight these convictions in court, you need the competent, experienced legal counsel like Attorney Frederick. For charges anywhere in Northwestern Louisiana call the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick, LLC today at (318) 868-7300.