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If concern for your family has you distraught, the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick, will listen to your needs and help you reach solutions to your legal problems.

Attorney Mark D. Frederick has nearly 25 years of experience helping people in Louisiana resolve their family law issues and move on with confidence. He provides compassionate but firm representation across a wide range of family law issues.


Facing a divorce is always emotional, and disputes can become contentious. Family law attorney Mark D. Frederick at the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick in Shreveport knows how challenging it is for you to get through this difficult time. He works hard to provide legal guidance, advice a representation across the spectrum of divorce issues. From property division to child custody, alimony, and other subjects, attorney Frederick brings nearly 25 years of experience to bear to resolve the issues. He has experience in resolving disputes in contested divorces and in family law mediation, as well as the unique issues servicemembers face in a military divorce. He also works with clients who need guidance without any major disputes and wish to pursue an uncontested divorce.

Child Custody And Visitation

Protecting parent-child relationships when a marriage breaks down is difficult for any parent. Child custody and visitation disputes are often personal for parents. At the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick, you will find an aggressive advocate who understands your fears, as well as your hopes. Putting the best interests of the child to the forefront is important, and attorney Frederick works hard to resolve contentious child custody and visitation disputes to help parents through a difficult time.

Post-Divorce Modifications

An existing court order regarding child custody, visitation, or alimony remains enforceable as it stands, even when substantial changes occur that may make the existing order difficult to follow. When changes occur in life, it may be possible to have the family court order modified to reflect the new circumstances. Post-divorce modifications are complex. It is important to work with an experienced lawyer who knows how to prepare and present a strong position to argue against or pursue a modification issue.


Growing a family through an agency adoption, or strengthening bonds in a stepparent adoption, is a joyous journey. However, there may be hurdles to overcome throughout the adoption process. The Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick, guides adoptive parents, stepparents, grandparents, and others seeking to adopt through the entire process.

Prenuptial Agreements

Many people choose to enter into an agreement that outlines how assets should be divided should the marriage break down. A prenuptial agreement does not suggest that anyone believes that the marriage will not last; rather, it allows couples to reduce conflict in case the unexpected does occur in future years.

Wills And Powers Of Attorney

Life is unpredictable and unexpected events can impact entire families. When a medical emergency or accident places a person in the hospital, family members are often left reeling as they determine how to proceed. Creating a power of attorney allows individuals to choose who should make important health care and financial decisions on their behalf during a period of incapacity. A will allows an individual to make their wishes known about how assets should be handled if he or she should pass away. Moreover, you may name the person you want to raise your children in your absence.

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