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Protecting Your Rights In Court After A Sex Crime Arrest

A criminal conviction for a sex crime in local, state, and parish district court in Louisiana can carry serious consequences for a defendant’s future. Harsh punishments include the possibility of a jail or prison term, heavy fines, a criminal record as a felon, and a sex offender label that ruins background checks for employment and housing. You owe it to yourself and your family to avoid this bleak outcome. And the Law Office of Mark D. Fredrick can help.
As an investigator, negotiator with prosecutors, and skilled litigator in court, Mr. Frederick works hard to help you avoid the life-changing penalties of imprisonment, restitution to victims, long-term separation from loved ones, and mandatory sex offender registration that makes you a marked person in your community.

Did your sex crime charges originate on the Internet? Are you accused of soliciting a minor or a prostitute? Were you arrested for indecent exposure or some form of lewd conduct? Have date rape charges against you become a case of “He said, she said”?

Mark D. Frederick gets to the facts of your case, listens carefully to your side of the story, inspects details of police reports, and generally advocates for you behind the scenes and before the judge and jury if necessary.

If it appears that illegally obtained evidence is being used against you, Mr. Frederick will push to have that evidence suppressed, with an eye to reducing or dismissing your charges outright.

Committed, Concerned Criminal Defense Lawyer Provides The Help You Need – When You Need It Most

Sex crimes charges are serious business. For the equally serious defense representation, you will need to restore your freedoms and future, put Mark D. Frederick’s 25+ years of experience to work for you, starting today. Contact us at (318)868-7300 or email message.