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Could a coparenting app help you after your divorce?

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

Divorces can be messy. Even when you have children, it’s reasonable that you and the other parent may not always agree or get along. It’s also necessary to maintain good communication, even though you may prefer not to talk to your ex.

One of the ways you can minimize stress and make sure you and your coparent are communicating respectfully is by considering the use of a court-monitored coparenting app. The fact that the court can easily see communications through the app and that the communications are stored should help you and the other parent stay on your best behavior while dealing with custody-related concerns.

On top of that, coparenting apps are designed to help you stay organized. They track expenses, manage family information, give you a place to communicate and may even help you coordinate and schedule parenting time all in one place.

Is it possible to request a court order for a coparenting app?

If you are in a situation where you and your ex don’t get along well and you’re concerned that you may have conflicts over custody or raising your children, then you may want to ask the court to order the use of a coparenting app. It is possible to ask the judge if they would be happy ordering the use of that app to prevent you from dealing with harassing phone calls, inappropriate communication from the other parent or confusion over parenting obligations.

Once a coparenting app is set up, all communication should go through it. You can update it as needed and go to it to check on things like being sure that the other parent got your message when they say they didn’t (that’s what read receipts are for).

Coparenting apps, at their core, are there to help minimize confusion and conflict. They are designed to organize your life, even though your children’s care is now split between homes. Using an app like this may help you avoid going to court more often than you need to or prove that the other parent is not being reasonable or respectful to you. It’s something to consider if you are in a strained relationship.