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Swerving UPS driver accused of drunk driving

by | Aug 23, 2018 | drunk driving

Delivery drivers spend a good portion of their days on Louisiana’s roads. The work may be tedious at times, and their attention could wander as they travel. That does not necessarily mean that their behavior is indicative of drunk driving.

A UPS driver here in Louisiana was seen swerving by a police officer after someone phoned in a complaint about her driving. When deputies saw the way the woman was driving, they suspected her of impairment. Once pulled over, the delivery driver agreed to participate in field sobriety tests.

Deputies say the woman failed the tests and took her into custody. Upon searching the truck, they claim to have found seven pills in a coin purse. It is suspected that the pills are hydrocodone. The woman had recently been reinstated due to the efforts of the UPS union after her employment was terminated several weeks prior to this incident. Reports indicate that action was taken after suspicions that she stole packages from her truck.

Even with all of the alleged evidence against this woman, she still reserves the right to challenge the drunk driving and possession charges. Everyone is presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. Despite the amount of alleged evidence against an individual, he or she may review everything the prosecution intends to submit to the court as evidence and may confront any witnesses in court. After such a review, it may be possible to determine the most viable legal options for obtaining the best possible outcome to the situation.