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Taking photos immediately following a car wreck may be helpful

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Firm News

The experience of being in a motor vehicle crash caused by another person’s carelessness can understandably be devastating. Emotions will typically run high, and if you have suffered an injury in the accident, you may have many worries about how this will impact you financially going forward.

Although the crash scene may certainly be chaotic, preserving evidence at the scene of the incident is paramount. Here are some tips for preserving evidence by using a camera if you ever become involved in such an unfortunate situation.

Starting out

When it comes to photographing a motor vehicle accident scene, you may first want to take several pictures of the wreck from multiple angles. It may behoove you to capture all of the cars’ relative positions in a photo as well so as to have evidence of the distances and angels between all the involved vehicles.

Next, you may want to take a picture of the traffic light or signs in the area. Another photo can showcase the weather conditions at the time of the crash as well. For instance, maybe snow or rain was falling when the crash happened, or perhaps it was cloudy. Taking pictures of the weather conditions is especially critical if the driver who caused your accident is blaming the weather for the crash.

Next steps

Other pictures that may be helpful to take include photos of any objects that were damaged by the collision. This includes capturing a detailed look at your own car if it suffered damage as well as other cars damaged in the accident. In addition, taking photos of the condition of the area where the accident happened may be helpful, as you may be able to capture skid marks or roadside debris immediately following the crash. Finally, you might want to take pictures of the injuries you suffered, if possible.

Your rights as a motor vehicle accident victim

Following a crash stemming from another person’s carelessness, you have the right to seek monetary compensation via a personal injury claim. Taking photos at the scene of the accident is critical for preserving evidence of your injuries as well as any damage sustained in the crash. This evidence may essentially help to support your legal claim and offer proof of damages and fault. If you are successful in your case, you may end up receiving a monetary award that might help you to cover your medical costs and other losses resulting from the unfortunate incident.