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Man arrested by state police for 4th-offense drunk driving

by | May 5, 2018 | drunk driving

Louisiana has numerous persons who are repeat offenders of DWI offenses. It is well-known that as the number and intensity of offenses increase, the punishment meted out by the court will also be intensified. Sentences in prison can result for those who repeatedly get into trouble with drunk driving arrests and convictions.

The existence of offenders who are arrested for multiple successive offenses is testimony to the powerful grip that alcohol addiction imposes on the stricken individual. A recent example of a repeat offender is a 27-year-old Lake Charles man who was arrested on a fourth-offense DWI by the Louisiana State Police. The authorities allege that a trooper observed the man driving erratically on LA 3092 south of Lake Charles.

The trooper alleges that the driver appeared to be impaired. The driver asked the officer if he could be transported to the hospital. At the hospital, the suspect reportedly refused to provide a blood sample, according to the state police. The authorities reportedly responded to that problem by obtaining a search warrant from an on-call judge, which allowed them to obtain blood and urine samples without consent.

The police charged the suspect with DWI fourth offense, traffic violations, no insurance and a suspended license, pursuant to Louisiana law. If the facts of the drunk driving charges are as reported, the likelihood of a defense to the charges is slim, and the man’s attorney will work hard to obtain the best arrangement from the prosecutor’s office. The best way to approach this case is for the man to agree to voluntarily enter a residential addiction rehab program prior to sentencing. This can go a long way in convincing the court that the individual has finally turned a corner in fighting his addiction. That can result in a reduced sentence of jail time and, importantly, may guide the individual onto new paths for leading a productive life.

Source:, “Lake Charles man arrested for fourth offense DWI“, Kaley Willis, April 29, 2018