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High school coach suspected of drunk driving

by | Apr 19, 2018 | drunk driving

Baseball season is in “full swing” at many Louisiana high schools and others around the country. Most coaches are concerning themselves with pitching rotations, batting lineups, run production and other statistics. However, one high school coach likely has much more on his mind right now following his recent arrest for drunk driving.

Police say that Ponchatoula High School’s baseball coach was driving in a reckless manner one afternoon on a state highway. A citizen called the local police department to reported the behavior. Officers reportedly witnessed the car going in and out of lanes as it traveled on the road. After supposed attempts to stop the car, reports indicate that the driver pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store.

Officials claim that the male driver appeared to be hiding something from them and did not show them a driver’s license. They allege that he did not cooperate with them and that he was apparently under the influence. Police officers say they later discovered that what the man purportedly tried to hide was a bottle containing a prescription of a Schedule IV controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Following his arrest, the man’s blood alcohol content was revealed to be below the legal limit.

While the man was initially suspected of drunk driving, he was eventually charged with driving under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance, careless operation of a motor vehicle and driving with no driver’s license. When facing charges of this nature, it is important to present the best defense possible with the goal of avoiding a conviction. An experienced Louisiana criminal defense lawyer can be a valuable ally throughout the legal process.

Source:, “Ponchatoula High baseball coach accused of DUI, reckless driving”, Kim Chatelain, April 13, 2018