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Driver of van for Coroner’s Office facing drug charges

by | Apr 19, 2018 | drug charges

Coroners’ offices work daily to investigate the causes of death, whether people have died from natural causes, disease or even acts of violence. While coroners often visit the locations where the deaths occur, the victims are usually transported back to their facilities by drivers. These drivers likely see the police routinely in the course of their jobs as officers investigate various deaths. However, one driver for a Louisiana coroner’s office recently encountered members of law enforcement in a different capacity when he was arrested on drug charges.

A driver for the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office was suspected of dealing drugs in Central City. Following his arrest by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the man was released from his job as a driver. This was the second time an employee from the Coroner’s Office had been terminated within the past few weeks.

The Coroner had also dismissed an investigator after he was accused of theft. Apparently, the employee had taken a camera that belonged to the agency. The camera, which had crime scene photos stored on it, was later pawned at a local facility. This case is currently pending. There doesn’t appear to be any indication that other employees have been targeted within the Coroner’s Office.

A conviction of drug charges in Louisiana is a serious matter that could result in monetary fines or significant time in jail. However, all those charged with crimes have the right to defend themselves. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can provide guidance to anyone facing these charges. A trusted lawyer will work alongside clients to develop the best defense possible.

Source:, “New Orleans coroner’s van driver arrested at death scene amid federal drug probe“, John Simerman and Ramon Antonio Vargas, April 13, 2018