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Man facing drug charges after search of his home

by | Feb 27, 2018 | drug charges

Many Louisiana residents and others around the nation utilize online classified advertisement sites to find someone to provide miscellaneous services to them. For example, homeowners often look for someone to clean their homes. However, the house cleaning visits don’t typically end up with the homeowner being arrested. A Duson man faces drug charges after police allegedly found various substances in his home.

Reports from the Duson Police Department indicate that a 36-year-old man had evidently hired a woman to clean his home after he saw her post on Craigslist. According to the woman, however, the man had acted inappropriately toward her. When she resisted his advances, the man allegedly forced her to leave her home at gunpoint. The police were notified about the incident and met the woman when they arrived at the home.

Apparently, the woman told officers that she and the man had used drugs at the home. The police then contacted the man and reports show that he was armed with a handgun and had methamphetamine in his pocket. He purportedly consented to a search of his home after he was taken into custody by the police. According to reports, officers found THC wax, marijuana packaged for sale, anti-psychotic pills and drug paraphernalia. In addition, police found a shotgun, multiple rifles and several handguns.

The ongoing investigation revealed that some of the items had been shipped to the man from another state. The Drug Enforcement Agency has been notified of the interstate transportation of drugs. Additional charges and arrests are likely as the investigation unfolds. However, the woman involved will likely not be charged as she was not in possession of any illegal substances and has been cooperating with police.

Facing drug charges can be overwhelming for anyone. A conviction of the charges can dramatically affect someone’s life with the possibility of fines or jail time. To minimize the negative impact on a person’s reputation and everyday life, it would be advantageous to contact a Louisiana criminal defense attorney. A trusted lawyer will work with clients through every step of the legal process to present the strongest defense possible.

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