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Vehicular homicide charges filed for fatal Christmas Eve wreck

by | Jan 3, 2018 | vehicular assault or homicide

A fatal car accident led to the Christmas Eve arrest of a Louisiana woman. She is still in the custody of Louisiana authorities and is facing multiple counts of vehicular homicide. Police also filed additional charges related to an earlier wreck they believe the driver was involved in.

The 36-year-old women allegedly took part in an accident early in the evening on Dec. 24, 2017. It is not clear if she was at fault for that particular wreck. Police claim that she fled the site of that accident in her vehicle, driving above the posted speed limit. While fleeing, she apparently rapidly approached the rear of another car, and attempted to swerve and avoid a collision.

Unfortunately, the two cars collided, and both caught fire. The woman believed to have caused the accident suffered only minor injuries and was able to exit the vehicle without a problem, while the occupants of the other car — a 24-year-old man, his pregnant fiancé and their 7-month-old son — were more severely harmed and needed help getting out. Only the father survived, and the other driver was taken to a Louisiana hospital, where she was treated for her injuries.

Subsequent blood tests allegedly showed that the driver was intoxicated. She is now charged with careless operation and a hit-and-run in addition to two counts for vehicular homicide. Criminal allegations that involve accidental deaths are particularly serious, and defendants accused of such often face severe consequences. It is usually well advised for defendants to begin their criminal defense preparations with a thorough and careful review of all charges, which can provide valuable insight in how best to proceed.

Source: People, “PEOPLE Explains: Christmas Eve Crash That Killed Expectant Mom, Baby Soon After She Got Engaged“, Adam Carlson, Dec. 28, 2017