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Man accused of hunting illegally must focus on criminal defense

by | Jan 11, 2018 | criminal defense

A Louisiana man is facing a slew of charges for allegedly violating state hunting laws. At last update he was still in police custody and may be facing thousands of dollars in fines and jail time for multiple violations, including hunting from a public road. As his case moves forward, he is likely focused on preparing his criminal defense.

State police apparently observed the 27-year-old man engaging in unlawful hunting behavior in the early hours of the morning on Dec. 26, 2017. They initiated a traffic stop and called Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for backup when they realized what had occurred. The driver allegedly admitted that he had killed two deer from his vehicle, and was arrested.

Agents from LDWF discovered two recently-killed deer in the vehicle, while police apparently uncovered multiple firearms. They say they seized seven firearms — including one that had been reported stolen in April 2017 — from the vehicle and booked the driver into an area jail. He is charged with hunting while in a moving vehicle, hunting on a public road, possessing a stolen firearm and the taking of deer during illegal hours.

In addition to the associated fines for his charges, the Louisiana man could be on the hook for the cost of replacing the deer, which comes out to $3,249. This, combined with other fines, potential jail time and a criminal record can be understandably overwhelming to think about. Most defendants find that a thorough review of all charges under the careful guidance of an experienced counsel can help them craft the most effective criminal defense platform possible.

Source:, “Agents arrest Gonzales man for night hunting and possession of stolen firearm“, Dec. 28, 2017