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Criminal defense: 67-year-old man arrested for phishing scam

by | Jan 9, 2018 | criminal defense

Most people are likely familiar with the “Nigerian prince” email scam, and Louisiana police claim they recently arrested one of the so-called princes. A Louisiana man is currently behind bars for allegedly engaging in the well-known email scam, and he is facing hundreds of counts for wire fraud and at least one money laundering charge. For most defendants, a thorough and well-constructed criminal defense is key to minimizing the impact of serious charges.

In the Nigerian prince phishing scam, individuals allegedly receive emails from self-proclaimed Nigerian officials. A typical email details that the recipient is the beneficiary of a will and must send his or her personal information to receive an inheritance of $1 million or more. However, police say that personal information is used to take money from the victim, not give any back.

Police claim they located and arrested man in one of these scams, although it is unclear what information led them to the 67-year-old man. He is accused of acting as a middle man rather than the source of the email. He allegedly wired money to his counterparts in Nigeria after receiving personal information from victims.

The elderly man faces a total of 269 counts for wire fraud, which can have serious and long-lasting implications. Most Louisiana defendants find that early and vigorous planning of their criminal defense plans can help them pursue the best possible resolution for their charges. For some this involves negotiating a plea deal for lesser charges or reduced sentencing, while others fare better from fighting the charges to the end of trial court proceedings.

Source:, “Police arrest alleged ‘Nigerian prince’ in Louisiana internet scam“, Dec. 30, 2017