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Criminal defense: 3 teens charged with armed robbery

by | Jan 24, 2018 | criminal defense

Virtually everyone makes mistakes in their youth, but some actions carry more consequences than others. Three Louisiana teenagers are now likely focusing on their criminal defense needs rather than their high school assignments after their recent arrests. Police say the three boys were involved in an armed robbery in which no one was harmed.

According to police, the incident occurred in the afternoon on Jan. 4, 2018. A person claimed that they were approached by three young men when one of them pulled out a firearm. They allegedly demanded money from the victim, and while one teen held the gun, another kept lookout while the other supposedly looked through the person’s pockets. The three teens then fled.

It is unclear how police determined who was responsible for the robbery, but soon after they obtained arrest warrants for the 18-year-old, a 17-year-old and one other minor whose age was not reported. All three boys were arrested at their school. Police also claim that the youngest teen had a loaded gun at the time of his arrest, which was apparently stolen back in Dec. 2017.

The older teens are both facing adult charges for armed robbery, for which they are still in police custody. The youngest of the group is in custody at a juvenile center and is charged with armed robbery, possessing a firearm as a juvenile, carrying a firearm on a school’s property and illegally possessing a stolen firearm. Theses are serious matters for anyone, but may be especially devastating for young Louisiana residents who still have so much of their lives ahead of them. A vigorous and swift criminal defense response can be essential for minimizing the impact of such criminal charges.

Source:, “NOPD: Three high school students arrested for armed robbery”, Alicia Serrano, Jan. 10, 2018