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Carlos Henderson arrested on drug charges

by | Jan 18, 2018 | drug charges

National Football League fans usually expect to see athletes make headlines for impressive plays, but an NFL player recently made news when he was arrested. Carlos Henderson — a wide receiver for the Broncos — currently faces drug charges in Louisiana. The arrest came after a speed-related traffic stop.

A Louisiana officer spotted a vehicle that was allegedly traveling 84 mph on a stretch of I-20 where the posted speed limit was 60. Henderson was riding in the SUV as a passenger. During the stop, the officer claimed that he smelled marijuana in the vehicle, although Henderson and the driver both denied possessing any.

A search of the vehicle supposedly revealed small amounts of marijuana in the vehicle, and police also found a water bottle that they claimed was used to put out a joint. Henderson’s tongue was apparently covered with a green residue, which police claim indicates that he might have ingested marijuana just prior to the traffic stop. He allegedly disclosed that he had smoked marijuana earlier in the day, although not in the vehicle. Henderson was arrested and freed on bond later that same day.

It is unclear how his first offense marijuana possession charge will affect his spot on the Broncos, but it is not uncommon for criminal allegations to affect employment. Because of this, most defendants in Louisiana are rightly concerned about the possible consequences of their drug charges. Minimizing the impact of such charges is usually possible through swift and vigilant action regarding criminal defense planning.

Source: Yahoo! Sports, “Broncos receiver Henderson arrested on marijuana possession charge“, Jan. 14, 2018