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What happens if I’m arrested for drunk driving?

by | Nov 4, 2017 | drunk driving

Being arrested for driving under the influence is an understandably frightening ordeal. You likely understand just how serious the matter is, as Louisiana laws do not leave wiggle room for the nuance of human behavior, decision making and even the misguided judgment of law enforcement officials. When dealing with drunk driving charges, it is best to have experience on your side.

DUI charges are time-sensitive and require swift action, especially for those who hope to avoid losing total access to their driving privileges. Since proceedings can move quickly you might also be concerned about potential jail time. In some instances jail time might be swapped for community service, although this is only possible for first and second offenders.

The impact of a drunk driving conviction can extend far beyond driving privileges and jail time. You might be surprised to learn that both your employment status and educational opportunities can be negatively affected. Hefty fines can also place enormous financial stress on your life, which can be especially troubling if your job was also affected.

No one imagines that they will one day face drunk driving charges, and most people are incredibly unprepared when facing these types of allegations. Few people are even aware that they will likely have their license suspended soon after their arrest and without a conviction. We remain dedicated to our Louisiana clients, guiding them through this difficult time while also vigorously defending their rights. Be sure to visit our website for more information regarding drunk driving charges and how to fight the legal consequences.