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Drunk driving arrests could increase soon

by | Oct 19, 2017 | drunk driving

Some people in Louisiana may soon see an increased number of police officers on the road. Backed by a grant, one sheriff’s office plans to increase checkpoints, officers and dedicated traffic patrols as they target a handful of violations. Although the department plans to go after a number of traffic violations, they have singled out potential drunk drivers at the top of their list.

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission provided the $87,305 grant. The local sheriff’s office claims the money will provide about 2,180 additional man hours. They will also be using the money to hire additional officers whose main focus will be traffic violations.

Arrests for drunk driving totaled nearly 8,000 in 2015, and with additional officers on the road, that number could go up. The department plans to increase the number of checkpoints where drivers are evaluated for possible violations, including not only possible drunk driving, but also seat belt enforcement. More officers on the road will likely also lead to an increase in traffic stops for alleged speed limit violations, which can sometimes be the catalyst for additional charges.

Louisiana state law understandably treats drunk driving violations seriously. However, many defendants worry about the long-lasting impact that a bad decision can have. A conviction for drunk driving can mean more than jail times and fines, it can also affect future employment and education opportunities. Such serious charges typically require careful planning and attention, and most defendants find that starting the criminal defense process soon after their arrest can help achieve the best possible outcome for their unique situations.

Source:, “CPSO RAMPING UP DUI ENFORCEMENT“, Joseph Lafave, Oct. 10, 2017