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Saints player facing drunk driving charges

by | Sep 4, 2017 | drunk driving

Willie Snead, a player for the New Orleans Saints, is facing criminal charges related to an intoxicated driving accident in June. Earlier in the summer, he was arrested and charged with drunk driving and for failing to remain in control of his vehicle. The arrest came after law enforcement arrived on the scene of the accident and allegedly noticed signs of possible intoxication.

The police report states that the arresting Louisiana officer came into contact with Snead after being called to the scene of a crash. According to a statement provided by the police officer, the vehicle involved in the accident sustained damages to the front end, and Snead was supposedly showing signs of possible impairment. The officer reports that he smelled alcohol on his breath and that Sneed’s eyes were bloodshot.

At that point, the officer administered field sobriety tests. A breath test supposedly revealed that his blood alcohol concentration was .125 percent, which is significantly over the Louisiana legal limit of .08 percent. Allegedly, Sneed does admit to drinking earlier in the evening, but says that he stopped consuming alcohol over six hours before the accident happened.

A conviction of drunk driving can bring significant penalties to a person’s life, no matter how famous that person is. Immediately following an arrest or DUI charges are filed, a driver would be wise to take quick action to protect his or her interests by securing experienced defense help. With the right support, it is possible to effectively confront these charges, possibly mitigating some of the penalties associated with a DUI.

Source:, “Saints’ Willie Snead had .125 BAC in June 11 DWI arrest that led to suspension”, Josh Katzenstein, Sept. 1, 2017