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After conviction, DUI expungement may be possible

by | Sep 11, 2017 | dui expungement

The good news is that the number of fatal crashes in Louisiana is dropping, possibly due to law enforcement working hard to keep drunk drivers off the road. The bad news for drunk drivers is that the number of DUI arrests over the Labor Day weekend was more than twice that of last year’s holiday. While some of those charged with impaired driving were repeat offenders, others may be eligible for DUI expungement.

Police agencies from parishes across the state report a high number of DUI arrests over the Labor Day holiday, but officers are more impressed with the lower loss of life. In the first four months of the year, state police responded to 38 fatal crashes. However, the summer months brought only 18 deaths. Working with local law enforcement, state police believe there is a direct correlation between the high number of arrests and the lower number of fatal accidents.

Last year, state police arrested 13 allegedly impaired drivers over the last weekend of the summer season, but this year, they nabbed 29. Louisiana police focused their attention of areas of the state where DUI crashes typically occur, especially those areas where injuries and fatalities have happened in the past. This Labor Day, five drivers were charged with third-offense DUIs.

While there is no report on the number of first-time offenders, those who are convicted may be concerned about having the DUI on their records and the complications it may bring, especially in the area of future employment. In certain circumstances, one who is convicted can seek DUI expungement to have the offense removed from his or her public record. An attorney can assist with the complex rules and procedures for pursuing expungement.

Source:, “DUI arrests over Labor Day weekend double from last year“, Cheryl Mercedes, Sept. 5, 2017