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Many changes to Louisiana laws including for criminal defense

by | Aug 12, 2017 | criminal defense

There are many new laws coming to Louisiana this month. In fact, a recent report suggests that there are over 200 changes being made to the state’s laws. Many of these could affect those who have been accused of a crime and must present a criminal defense.

Among the changes to Louisiana laws are small ones like the ability for kids to bring sunscreen to school and free parking at airports for disabled veterans. Other changes, though, could affect a criminal defense like changes in sentencing rules and an expansion of definitions in the domestic violence areas to include dating relationships. The change in the domestic violence laws come after a former state Senator faced accusations of domestic violence against a dating partner in the past.

The changes to the criminal justice system could have an effect on those who face such charges in the state. However, more positive outcomes could come for some who are found guilty and sentenced to pay a fine. The amount may now be reduced based on financial need, a new law asserts.

The creation of a solid criminal defense remains important to those who have been accused of a crime. Such efforts can help to ensure a fair outcome for the individual who is presumed innocent of any crime before a conviction. And, if that individual is found guilty, new changes in the law could help lessen the financial blow of some sentences. That is good news for many in Louisiana who may have to face additional punishments for not being able to pay a fine.

Source:, “Start of August Brings More Than 200 New Laws for Louisiana“, Melinda Deslatte, July 31, 2017