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Man charged with vehicular homicide following accident

by | Aug 21, 2017 | vehicular assault or homicide

Construction zones are notoriously confusing. Workers often must reroute traffic patterns, employ random stops and move through traffic with machinery to complete their projects. In certain areas of Louisiana, construction areas become congested, and accidents are all-too-common. Recently, however, an accident occurred that resulted in the death of a woman and the arrest of a driver for vehicular homicide.

The incident occurred just after 9 p.m. when the driver of an SUV approached standing traffic in a construction zone. For unknown reasons, the driver failed to stop, striking a stopped car from behind. The impact of the collision sent the car into the vehicle ahead of it. The SUV continued forward, colliding with a fourth vehicle and coming to a stop after hitting the back of a tractor-trailer. Police reports say the driver of the SUV then fled the scene on foot.

While the drivers of the third and fourth vehicles, as well as the operator of the tractor-trailer, suffered no injuries, the driver of the first car that the SUV struck died at the scene of her injuries. Police located and apprehended the driver of the SUV. He received treatment for minor injuries, and a toxicology sample was taken to test his blood for alcohol or drugs.

Louisiana police charged the driver of the SUV with vehicular homicide as well as hit and run, careless driving and several related offenses. When facing such serious charges, drivers have the right to seek legal counsel for assistance in defending against the life-changing consequences a conviction may bring. Although the loss of life is tragic, the driver accused of these crimes is entitled to due process, including the advocacy of an attorney.

Source:, “Scott man under arrest after fatal I-10 crash“, Aug. 17, 2017