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Drug charges may end in long sentences for accused Louisiana men

by | Aug 10, 2017 | drug charges

Local, state and federal agencies joined forces recently in wide-sweeping drug investigation. The investigation spanned two states. When it concluded, several people in Louisiana were arrested and convicted on drug charges.

According to a report, officials believe that the criminal operation included a man from another state who provided cocaine to a Louisiana man. That man then distributed the substance to others in the area who sold it to consumers. All of those who faced drug charges as a result of these actions also faced charges relating to the use of their cell phones during the transactions. 

The cases for these men were heard in federal court, though some in similar situations can find themselves in a state court. Each of those arrested in this most recent matter has been found guilty of the crimes for which he or she has been accused. However, at the time of their arrest and until a guilty verdict was delivered, all of them were presumed innocent.

Those accused of drug crimes in Louisiana can face long sentences if they are convicted. In fact, the men in this matter could spend decades behind bars. Such sentencing is why many who find themselves in similar situations seek to present a defense that questions all aspects of the investigation leading to an arrest and all procedures that took place afterwards. Such efforts can help to ensure that a fair result occurs and that those that are presumed innocent are able to assert their rights in an appropriate fashion during the criminal process.

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