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Criminal defense: Police say Louisiana man fled after shooting

by | Aug 4, 2017 | criminal defense

A Louisiana school was in lockdown recently after an incident that occurred on a hot summer morning. The event that led to the school being placed on the heightened security level occurred at a nearby Burger King. The lockdown was lifted after police ended their search. The suspect remained at large, though he will likely face charges when caught. A criminal defense counsel will ultimately help the man defend against any formal charges.

According to police, the man being sought shot another man as he ordered fast food from a local restaurant. The victim was an employee of an ATM service provider. The holdup, as it was termed by authorities, ended with the suspect running from the scene and then leaving in a car nearby.

Police searched the area for the accused man before ending their efforts for the day. They continue to seek him and are investigating the shooting. Once he is caught, they expect to pursue criminal charges against him.

As is the case with all who stand accused in Louisiana, the man being sought by authorities is presumed innocent of all crimes until — and only if — he is proven guilty in a court of law. Prior to that occurring, the man will be able to consult with his criminal defense counsel. His attorney will undertake a complete review of all of the evidence relating to the matter. The potential charges are serious, which is all the more reason why the man’s legal rights must be carefully protected at all stages of any criminal proceedings that follow.

Source:, “Burger King shooting suspect remains at-large, fled Boutte in vehicle”, Littice Bacon-Blood, August 2, 2017