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Louisiana man faces long prison time after drunk driving plea

by | Jul 31, 2017 | vehicular assault or homicide

In Louisiana, the years that a person can face in prison when convicted of a crime can change depending on the criminal charge and the number of convictions for a certain crime. This is true for drunk driving as well. In fact, when a person is convicted of the offense multiple times, the years he or she spends in prison can become extremely long.

This is what may happen to one Louisiana man who is now facing his fifth conviction for drunk driving. In this case, the man plead guilty to a drunk driving charge after being arrested for the crime earlier this spring. He was arrested by a Barksdale Air Force Base security officer. Now that he as plead guilty, he will face sentencing in early November.

Many who find that they are accused of drunk driving in Louisiana are unfamiliar with the sentencing guidelines that dictate what they will receive should they be convicted. The guidelines include fines, prison time and the loss of a driver’s license for those who are found guilty. The guidelines were created to ensure minimum sentencing for those convicted of crimes.

However, no one can be given a prison sentence or fine for a crime in Louisiana until they are convicted of the offense. This is true for drunk driving charges and all other crimes. Before a guilty verdict, many accused find it important to mount a defense in an effort to exonerate themselves form a criminal charge. This is often helped by experienced professionals who are able to help navigate the sometimes-complicated criminal court proceedings.

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