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Drug charges can lead to loss of property in Louisiana

by | Jul 31, 2017 | criminal defense

It is not only one’s freedom that can be lost as a result of a criminal conviction in Louisiana and elsewhere. In fact, authorities can sue for personal property if that property was used in situations that led to drug charges. This is what happened recently to some folks in the state.

According to a report, vehicles and other personal property are listed on a lawsuit filed by authorities after several people were arrested and faced drug charges such as possession or trafficking. The other items listed in the complaint included firearms and cash that totaled well over $100,000. The items are alleged to have been used when those who have been arrested were acting as drug traffickers and sellers.

Police say that the accused used the vehicles to transport several thousand pounds of marijuana and cocaine over the course of the criminal activity. In addition, there is a car repair facility where some of the accused are said to have worked prior to their arrest. This location, police assert, acted as a storage facility for the drugs that were being trafficked and sold. Personal property from that facility may also be sought as a result of the arrests.

It is important to note that the majority of the defendants in this large case, which spans over 30 accused, have yet to be convicted of any crime. The property that is sought by authorities will not be taken should those who own it be found innocent of drug charges or other crimes for which they are accused. The defense of the property will likely be included in the defense against the criminal charges being mounted for the accused. This defense will help to ensure fairness during the process as each accused individual works to defend themselves, as do most in Louisiana when they face such claims.

Source:, “Lawmen sue to seize property of alleged drug dealers“, Mike Gellatly, July 25, 2017