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Weapon and drug charges filed against 6 Louisiana residents

by | Jun 13, 2017 | drug charges

Law enforcement officials in Shreveport work diligently to crack down on the use and movement of illegal drugs in the area. In doing so, numerous people are often arrested. In a recent drug bust, a total of six people were taken into police custody. Some of them are facing weapons charges, and all are facing drug charges as a result.

According to a local news report, on June 2, members of the Shreveport Police Department and the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office searched a home on Jackson Street. In the house, agents supposedly found crack cocaine, Xanax, two types of marijuana, MDMA and several weapons. The individuals in the home at the time of the search were all arrested and transported to Caddo Correctional Center.

The ages of the accused range from 25 to 40. Charges against them include drug possession, intent to distribute and possession of stolen firearms — among various others. It has not been reported if bond has been set in any of their cases. It is also unknown if court dates have been scheduled for any of these individuals.

The weapons and drug charges filed in this case are not going to be easy to fight in criminal court. These individuals, and other Shreveport residents who find themselves in similar situations as the accused, have the right to employ an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist them with their cases. With skilled counsel at one’s side, it will be possible to review and question any evidence offered in one’s case and then pursue a legal course that will best benefit the overall situation.

Source:, “Six arrested in Shreveport drug bust“, June 6, 2017