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Drunk driving leaves Louisiana teen with severe injuries

by | Jun 28, 2017 | drunk driving

It can be tragic when an accident happens that leaves a person injured. This is especially true when the victim is a child or teen. This is what occurred in Louisiana on a warm spring evening in 2008, when the lives of two people were changed forever as a result of drunk driving.

According to the records, one of the drivers involved in the drunk driving incident had her Louisiana driver’s permit the night of the crash. She was driving a friend’s car, and he sat next to her as was required for her permit. The other vehicle was driven by a young woman who would later admit to having had many drinks over the course of the day before the car wreck.

The impact happened when the woman, who was later convicted of drunk driving and other charges, veered into the teen driver’s lane and struck the vehicle. The force of the impact left everyone involved with injuries. These included life-changing injuries for the teen victim that would leave her in a wheel chair and unable to care for herself. After the tragedy, the driver who caused the crash faced the criminal charges leveled against her and spent eight years in prison. She was released last year.

As is the case in many drunk driving cases in Louisiana, the woman in this matter had a history of drinking before the night of the crash. In fact, her boyfriend had even tried to stop her from driving. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful and the incident occurred. This case was a tragedy for its victims, and when people find that they have suffered similarly, they may be able to ask the courts to grant them an award that can help with the costs associated with their loss. Though no amount of money can help fully restore what has been lost, consulting an experienced professional may help to alleviate some of the stress that such a case can cause.

Source:, “‘She saved my life’: DWI driver and crash victim find peace and a new purpose in life”, Robert Rhoden, June 25, 2017