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Don’t get hit with a boating under the influence charge

by | Jun 8, 2017 | boating under the influence

As Louisiana residents have officially started their summer break activities, more people can be found out on their boats. It can be a great past time, but it can also be a dangerous one. The state Wildlife and Fisheries Department has recently issued a reminder about safety precautions everyone should take when enjoying time on the water. One involves drinking and driving. Boating under the influence is not only unsafe, it is illegal and can end up ruining more than just one’s summer break if one is charged and convicted.

Every year, officials release some sort of boat safety awareness message. They do this for good reason. No one wants to see people injured, or worse, while doing something that is meant to be enjoyable. Every year’s message is a reminder of common sense boat safety such as make sure to check for holes in the boat, ensure that everyone on board has a life vest, do not sit on the bow and look out for debris in the water — among various others.

This year officials also put a strong focus on boating while intoxicated. Accidents are often caused by those who have consumed drugs or alcohol and then attempted to operate their boats. Obviously this is a big safety concern.

If one is accused of boating under the influence, not only will the operator’s boating license be on the line, but his or her driver’s license may also be suspended if a conviction is secured. So, not only can this ruin plans  for the summer, it can also affect one’s family and professional life as well. On top of that, jail or prison time is a possibility, depending on the details of the case. Those charged with BUI can defend themselves in a Louisiana criminal court with the assistance of an experienced attorney. With various defense strategies to choose from, it may be possible to seek a case dismissal or, at least, seek to minimize any consequences.

Source:, “Officials spread awareness for safe boating as summer approaches“, Kayla Courvell, May 25, 2017