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Criminal defense: Prescription drugs and driving don’t always mix

by | Jun 2, 2017 | criminal defense

The DUI charge against Tiger Woods has made national headlines for two reasons: his celebrity and the reason behind his impairment. Mr. Woods is said to have been impaired by prescription drugs while driving. He was found asleep at his wheel while parked on the side of a six lane highway. While this incident occurred in another state, Louisiana residents who are found operating their vehicles while under the influence of legally or illegally obtained prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications may end up needing assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney to help them fight their cases in court.

The simple truth of the matter is, prescription and OTC drugs can have strong effects on one’s body. This is particularly true with painkillers. They are known to make people drowsy and decrease reaction times — much like alcohol.

Drugged driving is a serious and growing problem. Those who are suspected of driving under the influence of drugs will be asked to give blood and/or urine samples in order for authorities to check for impairment. Of course, it is one’s legal right to refuse, but doing so has consequences.

Louisiana residents who are arrested and charged with drugged driving do have the right to defend themselves. A criminal defense attorney can review one’s case and assist one in pursuing the legal actions best suited to his or her situation. Fighting drugged driving charges is not easy, but with legal counsel at one’s side one can achieve the best outcome possible under the circumstances.

Source:, “Prescription, OTC drugs can be just as dangerous for drivers as alcohol”, Paul Murphy, May 31, 2017