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Louisiana vehicular assault or homicide: Arrest made after crash

by | May 4, 2017 | vehicular assault or homicide

Striking a pedestrian with one’s car would be a jarring event for anybody. Sadly, in many cases, the pedestrians do not survive. Depending on the outcome and the circumstances surrounding an accident like this, according to Louisiana laws one may be charged with vehicular assault or homicide.

Recently, a man who was visiting the Shreveport area from out of state was arrested for his alleged involvement in a fatal pedestrian accident. According to reports, late in the evening of Saturday, April 29, the 55-year-old male was driving his vehicle southbound on Knight Street when he struck a man who was in the process of crossing the road. Sadly, this individual died of his injuries at the scene of the accident.

The driver stayed at the crash site and cooperated with authorities. After police arrived, this individual was tested for impairment via a breath test. Authorities claim that this individual’s blood alcohol content was over the state’s legal limit. As such, the gentleman was taken into custody and booked into the local jail on a vehicular homicide charge.

In Louisiana, if charged with vehicular assault or homicide, the possible penalties can be quite severe. In this case, if the accused is convicted, he could face imprisonment and fines, among other consequences. With the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, this individual can question the evidence offered against him and dig deeper into the cause of the accident all in the effort to fight for a case dismissal or to seek a reduction in charges.

Source:, “Georgia man booked in Shreveport jail for vehicular homicide“, Tara Brando, April 30, 2017