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Louisiana man facing weapon and drug charges

by | Apr 29, 2017 | dui expungement

Police in Louisiana recently arrested a man who they say was wanted on a domestic violence charge. In their attempt to make the arrest, the accused allegedly fled via car and then by foot. However, a police canine eventually found the accused and he was then taken into custody. He is now facing several criminal charges including weapon and drug charges.

According to reports, sheriff’s deputies in St. Tammany Parish attempted a routine traffic stop of a car with license plates that were allegedly stolen. In the vehicle was a man who had a warrant out for his arrest for a domestic violence charge. Instead of pulling over, he reportedly fled from police in his car before he crashed and then continue on foot.

Once taken into custody, the accused was charged with possession of stolen property — including guns — drug and drug paraphernalia possession and fleeing police — among various others. He was booked into jail in Covington. All of this occurred the evening of April 12. It is unknown if, since his arrest, bond had been set or if any court hearings have been scheduled.

Domestic violence, weapon, drug charges and the many other accusations that have been filed in this case will all be taken seriously and not treated lightly in a Louisiana criminal court. If convicted on all or even a few of these charges, the accused could face imprisonment and various other penalties. With his future on the line, this individual can turn to a skilled criminal defense attorney who will be able to help him take the steps necessary to fight for the best outcome possible.

Source:, “Mandeville car chase ends with man arrested on gun and drug charges”, Robert Rhoden, April 12, 2017