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Louisiana mailman arrested for drunk driving while on the job

by | Mar 30, 2017 | drunk driving

Police in Louisiana were alerted to a situation in the River Ridge area involving a mailman who was allegedly intoxicated while on the job. The incident in question reportedly occurred in the afternoon of March 24. The accused was promptly arrested and charged with drunk driving.

According to reports, the accused — a 55-year-old male — was working his regular delivery route when he became unstable and fell. Residents in the area quickly came to his aid but soon after called authorities due to possible signs of intoxication. A state trooper responded to the call and claims that this individual smelled of alcohol and showed other classic signs of impairment.

The accused was charged with a felony level mail truck-related DWI and open container. This is his second DWI charge for impairment while on the job and his third drunk driving arrest since 2011. It has been reported that this individual was actually still on probation from a DWI conviction in 2015 at the time of this most recent arrest.

As a result of this drunk driving charge, the accused has been placed on non-duty status at the post office until his case is finalized. This incident could result in him losing his employment if he is convicted. As this individual has so much on the line, how he fights this recent charge in a Louisiana criminal court is really going to matter. An experienced defense attorney will be able to assist him in pursing the best course of action, whether that is fighting for a case dismissal or pursing a reduction in charges and/or alternative sentencing.

Source:, “Metairie mailman arrested, again accused of delivering while intoxicated”, Michelle Hunter, March 27, 2017