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Louisiana criminal defense: 4 men facing sex crime charges

by | Mar 21, 2017 | criminal defense

Police in Louisiana recently arrested four men who they believe are responsible for committing sex crimes against children. The accusations against each of the accused are quite serious and could have a dramatic impact on their lives should they be convicted in a court of law. As each of these gentlemen have so much on the line, they would likely benefit from the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney in order to fight their individual cases.

According to reports, these four individuals were arrested following investigations by the Attorney General’s Office, Cybercrime Unit and various sheriff’s departments. A 59-year-old male of Lafayette and a 37-year-old male of Acadia have each been charged with 100 counts of sexual abuse video and/or images of minors. A 23-year-old male of Lafayette, who is said to be a high school sports official, is accused of indecent behavior for posing as a teen and sending explicit messages to a minor. Finally, a 34-year-old male of New Iberia, is charged with one count of sexual abuse video and/or images of a minor.

Each of the accused have been detained at various holding facilities. It is unknown if bond has been or will be set in any of their cases. Court dates for each of the accused have not been reported.

Sex crimes against children are not taken lightly in Louisiana. If convicted, each of the accused could face jail or prison time and registration on the Sex Offender Registry, among various other penalties that could haunt them forever — affecting both their personal and professional lives. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to review each of these cases and assist those accused in pursuing legal courses that will best benefit their individual circumstances.

Source:, “High school referee among 4 Acadiana men arrested for child sex crimes“, March 17, 2017