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How an attorney can assist with a drunk driving charge

by | Mar 7, 2017 | drunk driving

Drunk driving is considered a major felony in Louisiana. As a crime committed while drinking under the influence, most drivers face harsh DUI laws that can threaten their freedom. Drinking is not a crime, but endangering your life and those of pedestrians is still considered a major offense. In most cases, prosecutors tend to intimidate the accused party with various penalties that are guaranteed to rattle their cage.

Rather than rolling over and agreeing to every ludicrous charge against you, you must contact a competent attorney specialized in criminal defense. By having them at your corner, you are assured of adequate legal representation need to expedite the release process. Being convicted of felony drunk driving can have an adverse impact on your life. Not only is license suspension a reality, but you also risk spending time in jail away from your loved ones.

Whenever a police officer pulls you over for a random breathalyzer test, you must comply with his requests to the letter. Failure to abide by his requests will be viewed as insubordination and will only do more harm than good. Once you are perceived to have surpassed the required limit, accompany the police officer to the nearest precinct for case processing and prosecution. However, it is important to contact your lawyer as soon as you have been apprehended for quick legal representation. Under the DUI laws in Louisiana, arrested suspects are liable for jail time according to the following stipulations:

  • For a first-time offender, you are liable for a minimum of 2 days in jail, or 48 hours’ worth of community service.
  • For a second-time offender, you are susceptible to a minimum of 30 days in jail, or 2 days in prison plus thirty days of community service.
  • Regular offenders face a minimum of 45 days in prison.

Not only will an excellent attorney help you retrieve your driver’s license, but also facilitate a temporary permit that allows you to resume work. As an accomplished counselor, it is their duty to ensure that license reinstatement is processed a few days after acquittal.

Unfortunately, DUI convictions in Louisiana are captured in your records and can be used as ammunition during future sentencing. To avoid a boomerang effect, your lawyer will ensure that the charge is expunged from your record.