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Louisiana’s vehicular homicide laws call for tough sentences

by | Feb 1, 2017 | vehicular assault or homicide

It can be a nightmare come to life; you’re involved in an accident that took another person’s life. And if it happened while you were driving under the influence, you will likely be facing the very serious charge of vehicular homicide. In Louisiana, even the minimum penalties for a conviction will have you spending a serious amount of time in prison.

According to Louisiana law, if you were operating a motor vehicle while impaired and were either directly or indirectly responsible for a fatal accident, you can be issued vehicular homicide charges. It matters not if your actions were unintentional.

The primary consideration is your level of impairment, which is determined by chemical testing. The law extends to impairment due to the use of alcohol, prescription drugs, controlled substances or a combination of any of these.

Insofar as penalties are concerned, the sentence for a conviction is at least five years, though no more than 30 years imprisonment, as well as a fine between two and 15 thousand dollars. Moreover, a convicted individual will have to serve at least three years of his or her sentence prior to being eligible for parole.

If you have been arrested for vehicular homicide, you are best served by having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. There are a variety of legal options for you to consider. The attorney can explain these options and the possible consequences of each. Depending on your circumstances, your best choice may be to work out a plea agreement, and the attorney can help you get the possible terms.