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How a Reliable Attorney Can Expunge Drug Charges from Your Record

by | Feb 13, 2017 | drug charges

Drug possession is considered a serious felony in Louisiana. Not only do suspects face considerable jail time, but also face the possibility of strict probation rules and hefty fines upon their release. If you think Louisiana is a good place for a quick fix or roll of joint, then think again. Being convicted of drug-related crimes can have an adverse impact on your life. A damaged reputation and loss of credibility at the workplace are the first signs of a doomed existence.

Nevertheless, you are still entitled to basic rights just like any other citizen, despite your new profound status. If you intend on staying out of jail, make it your mission to hire a competent lawyer that will aggressively defend your rights. Such a counselor will go above and beyond to expunge drug charges such as drug manufacturing, intent to sell, importation and possession of drug paraphernalia.

I cannot stress enough the need to have an experienced and reputable attorney by your side. After all, your freedom is basically in their hands. A vital piece of advice would be to hire a counselor dedicated to fighting for the rights of criminal clients every day. Such experts possess a 2-decade experience in drug crimes and can manipulate loopholes regarding drug laws to your benefit. Safeguarding your interests is a basic instinct to any practicing attorney.

Prosecutors have embarked on a massive crackdown to apprehend and prosecute drug traffickers. Their relentless pursuit for justice will surely rattle the cage of any trafficker, whether you a baron or peddler. Despite presenting a united an aggressive approach, your freedom entirely depends on how you approach the delicate situation. When you have a reliable attorney by your side, you can rest assured of an in-depth investigation into your charges, consultative negotiations with the State Department and a mistrial in the absence of adequate evidence.

For instance, were the drug charges as a result of an illegal search on your premise, vehicle or place of work? Were the drug charges based on drugs planted on you by a vindictive individual? Have the authorities seized your assets? Were you coerced into making a confession by any influential person? Each probability provides a myriad of scenarios viable for evidence gathering by your lawyer. Fortunately, your lawyer will derive the best solution to save you from the murky situation.