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Dubious distinction: Louisiana tops bad-driving list

by | Nov 30, 2016 | drunk driving

Louisiana residents justly take pride in the state’s many positive attributes and myriad attractions that bring legions of visitors from other states and from across the globe each year. The state is no stranger to lists chronicling interesting things to see, do and experience.

Unfortunately, not every such list speaks to the state’s prominence in a positive way, with the national publication USA TODAY recently noting one compilation that casts Louisiana in a less than stellar light.

You can blame state drivers for that.

According to a leading insurance research firm that closely scrutinizes government data focused upon driving outcomes, Louisiana ranks number one among all states in a very dubious motoring assessment.

And that is this: worst drivers in the country.

And, states the research entity (which considers factors such as speeding, driver carelessness and drunk driving), Louisiana is a perennial front runner in the survey. One commentator on the driving report says that the state is “notorious for bad driving.”

That, of course, is a serious matter, especially given that the conclusion is backed by empirical evidence.

Although every reasonable person fervently wishes for a safe driving experience every single time he or she is behind the wheel, that outcome can never be universally realized. The simple fact is that bad drivers are in our midst, and everywhere else across the country. Motorists get distracted, fall asleep and drive drunk, with their deficient driving behaviors serving as catalysts that result in injuries (sometimes fatal) to other drivers and their passengers.

Behind-the-wheel negligence is truly an outsized scourge on state and national roadways, yielding many thousands of serious and fatal outcomes each year.

Proven personal injury attorneys note that sad reality well from their advocacy of injury victims and their families.

And they routinely deal with it by providing knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation aimed at securing maximum damage recoveries for victims that can go far toward defraying medical expenses, compensating for lost time and work, and promoting healing across all dimensions.

Accident victims who suffer from a driver’s negligence or callous disregard for road safety needn’t suffer the consequences passively. Instead, they can take timely and proactive action that can deter such conduct in the future and provide a meaningful remedy for injuries suffered.

An experienced personal injury attorney can provide further information.