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Man arrested for drunk driving and child endangerment after crash

by | Oct 10, 2016 | drunk driving

Single-vehicle accidents in Louisiana often mean the driver is the sole focus of investigators. He or she may be subjected to questions and procedures that are confusing and frightening, especially if he or she has had no previous encounters with law enforcement. However, if that person is suspected of drunk driving, he or she may rightly fear what the future may bring.

Recently, a one vehicle wreck resulted in serious charges against a man. The man was driving with his wife and two-year-old son when the accident occurred. Police say bruises from impact with the steering wheel confirmed that the man was the driver. He and his son suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital for examinations. After he was released, the man agreed to a breath test for alcohol.

The test revealed that the man’s blood alcohol level was .151. The legal limit in Louisiana is less than .09. Because his son was in the car, the 21-year-old man faces charges of child endangerment as well as driving while impaired. Additional charges include careless operation and driving without a license. He was arrested and held on $2,900 bond.

This man may be concerned about his future, especially since he has a wife and small child. It is possible that since the man is only 21 years old, this is his first drunk driving offense. His defense may include this factor. The man’s attorney will likely question the validity of the breath test. He may also attempt to have the man’s charges reduced or thrown out altogether.

Source:, “Farmerville man charged with DWI with child endangerment“, Oct. 8, 2016