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Car-jacking criminal defense may hinge on victim identification

by | Sep 6, 2016 | criminal defense

Across the country, crimes involving guns seem to be on the rise. Being the victim of gun violence can be frightening and life-changing. One Louisiana man is recovering from a bullet wound received during a recent car-jacking at a gas station. Although they have not yet been captured, the men accused of committing this crime may already be considering contacting a criminal defense attorney.

Shortly before 11:00 p.m., a man had driven his white sedan up to the gas pumps when two men approached him. One of men allegedly shot the driver and left him wounded before they drove off in his car. Original reports said the victim had been shot multiple times and was fighting for his life. However, updates on his condition revealed that he received at least one bullet to his lower body. Although his injuries are serious, he is expected to survive.

Police are searching for the suspects. Having a description of the car and its license plate will most likely aid them in their search. In addition, they have enlisted Crime Stoppers to encourage the public to be alert for the men involved in the incident. Many times, citizens provide information that leads police to those suspected of committing crimes.

When the men are apprehended, they will certainly need a strong criminal defense. If they are captured in the stolen car, it may be difficult to avoid serious charges, which may involve a long incarceration in a Louisiana prison if they are convicted. Having an experienced lawyer to defend their rights will be important for limiting the potential penalties in this case. An attorney will know how to interpret the evidence and perhaps achieve a plea agreement.

Source:, “Carjacking victim recovering from gunshot“, Miles Jay Oliver, Sept. 2, 2016