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Boating under the influence may bring serious consequences

by | Aug 3, 2016 | boating under the influence

Summer vacation brings many people to the water for relaxation and recreation. This may mean gathering friends or family on your boat for an afternoon on one of the many waterways Louisiana has to offer. However, just as driving a car after drinking sometimes leads to vehicle collisions, boating under the influence may create similar problems.

Conditions on the waterways can change rapidly. People whose judgement or vision is impaired may not be able to react properly, perhaps causing harm to themselves, their passengers or other boaters. Louisiana law enforcement takes boating safety seriously, and they may be quick to arrest someone for intoxication with only the weakest evidence.

A person whose blood alcohol level is .08 percent is considered legally intoxicated. Being convicted of operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol can result in serious penalties. Not only may boaters face hefty fines and possible jail time, but they may also lose their rights to drive a car as well as their boat. This could hinder their ability to work or meet other daily obligations.

In Louisiana, conviction may also be on a person’s record for years, complicating many areas of life, including seeking employment in certain fields. At the Law Offices of Mark D. Frederick, LLC, we have experience in dealing with alcohol-related charges to potentially minimize the negative effect they can have on your life. If you are facing charges of boating under the influence, having an attorney by your side as quickly as possible may increase the chances of obtaining a positive result in court.