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Criminal defense news: man charged with kidnapping

by | Jun 21, 2016 | criminal defense

A Haughton man is in custody as of June 6 for allegedly taking part in a home invasion and kidnapping, according to local sources. Bossier Parish Sheriff’s deputies in Louisiana responded to the call around 1 a.m. and arrested a man for his alleged role in the crimes. There has been no word yet as to whether he has retained a criminal defense attorney. 

Deputies say they responded to a call about a man, who was armed with a handgun, allegedly breaking into a home. Another man and a woman were in the residence at the time, and they said they were acquaintances with the 35-year-old suspect. The suspect is said to have hit the woman in the face with his handgun before pointing it at the man in the home. He then apparently grabbed the woman and forced her out of the residence and down the sidewalk.

When the man in the residence informed the armed man that police had been called, the armed man reportedly shoved the woman onto the sidewalk and ran back to confront the man in the residence. When the suspect failed to get in, he allegedly fled. He was arrested the next day after deputies obtained a search warrant. 

In a criminal defense capacity, kidnapping is a serious charge, as is home invasion. However, Louisiana authorities are given the burden of proof to prove the man’s intent and soundness of mind at the time of the alleged crime. Defense attorneys may wish to review the facts of the case carefully to ensure the reports of the police match up with what really happened the night of June 5. 

Source:, “Haughton man accused of home invasion, kidnapping“, June 6, 2016